Port window glass deserves your utmost care and attention. If you are in the field of digital projection, you know that clarity and brightness are paramount to deliver the best viewing experience to your audience. No matter how state-of-the-art your equipment is, there is no way it can project the clearest possible image with grime all over the surface of the glass.
Of course, cleaning is important, but not all types of projection glass have the right coating to make wiping off the accumulation of dirt a breeze while protecting the surface.. As digital projection systems are a major investment, it only makes sense to have an advanced coating technology that preserves the beauty and helps extend the service life of your port window glass.

Our OptiClear hydrophobic coating can be added on top of the Anti-reflective coating for easy cleaning. The hydrophobic coating bonds with the glass to minimize oil & dirt’s effect on light reflection and transmission. Cleaning the projection viewport is significantly easier with the hydrophobic coating applied. The coating is highly durable and does not change to the optical efficiency of the glass.