How does port window glass contribute or detract from a theater-goer’s experience?
Use of a port window insulates the theatergoer from hearing noises from the projection room. The port window also needs to allow maximum pass through of light in order for the audience to see the full brilliance of digital projection.

What are my choices in port window glass?
Over the years we have supplied Port Window solutions for over 80% of commercial cinemas in the United States, as well as major Hollywood studios, post-production studios, recording studios, educational facilities, and auditoriums . Our expertise has made us the number one choice in quality and reliability for digital clarity and sound attenuation. We offer OptiClear Anti-Reflective glass, metal framing, and custom design consultation. Whether you are a theater owner looking for a port window replacement, or a Hollywood production studio designing an outdoor movie premier, we promise all our customers the highest quality products combined with the best possible service.

Why not just leave the port window open?
Port window glass keeps the projection equipment sound from the auditorium. Many commercial theaters are required to use glass in the port window as per the building code. Home theaters benefit in the same way.

How do the Anti-reflective coatings (aka A/R coatings) on port window glass work?
A/R coatings match the photopic reflectance of air, which is called “index matching” in the world of optical coatings. The net effect is nearly invisible glass.

How do I care for port window glass?
OptiClear is impervious to dust and dirt in normal applications. Dusting with a dry soft microfiber cloth is usually sufficient. Heavier contamination can be removed with 50% solution of isopropyl alcohol and water. Gently wipe the glass before the alcohol dries. Do not use regular paper towels or newsprint as these may contain grit. Avoid harsh cleaners containing ammonia.

Can I get OptiClear port window glass in any size?
Yes! We have provided tens of thousands of shipments all over the world in unlimited sizing spectrums. OptiClear is available in almost any size you choose. Call or email us at 949-789-7700 so we can help you complete your project.

How does OpticClear port window glass stand apart from other brands of A/R coated glass?
All coatings are not the same. OptiClear has the lowest reflection rate without a color shift to meet the exacting standards of the projection industry. Combined with our in-house developed hydrophobic coating, OptiClear is made with the highest standard of materials, with the most discriminating customer in mind.