Camera Lens Quality

Opticlear digital projection port window glass delivers the finest optical performance available with less than .5% reflection and 99% transmission. We produce camera lens quality glass to ensure the brightest and clearest image on the screen.

Custom Sized Ordering

Each order is produced to your custom size needed. We can advise you on sizing questions that you may have. The glass is packed in a customized crate to be reliably delivered anywhere in the world.

Hydrophobic Coating

Our exclusive hydrophobic coating ensures easy cleaning. The hydrophobic coating sets up a clear barrier to limit grease and dirt from smudging the glass.

Quick Turnaround

We are used to the demanding schedules in the entertainment industry on a regular basis. Major studios and cinema chains rely on us regularly to get their theaters equipped without delay.


The leading provider of camera lens quality port window technology worldwide.

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Help With Designing

Our knowledge goes beyond the port window. Being involved in the projection industry for many years has expanded our expertise to almost every aspect of the projection process. We know there are many different details regarding the perfect engineering application for your specific project.  Fill out our detailed product form here so we can help you complete another perfect job. If available provide your engineering specifications to better guide you.

Pricing / Availability

In order to offer you the best price, we need some detailed information about your project. Please fill out the detailed form here so we can give you a quote. We maintain an available stock of our various glasses.

Information About A/R Coatings

Anti reflective coatings are used on glass to reduce reflection and allow a higher transmission of light through the glass. There are different types of coatings available, all resulting in higher or lower percentages of reflection. Providing less than .5% reflection and 99% transmission of light, our OptiClear anti reflective coated glass is the highest optical coating available.

Anti-Reflection High Efficiency Windows

In today's energy conscience world saving power usage is very important. By allowing the highest quality of light to get to the screen, the lamp life is expanded and relative energy usage of the digital projector is lowered.


PLF OptiClearTM Port Window
Introducing the new Premium Large Format OptiClearTM Port Window to meet the digital projection needs for the ever increasing size projection market. Read More >>


  • We know the science and engineering needed for digital port window glass.
  • All of our glass is hydrophobic coated so that it cleans with a dry cloth, no smudges or smears.
  • We can size any piece of port window glass.
  • Most jobs can be shipped with in 24 hours!

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Knowledge and Experience has made us the industry standard for 30+ years.


We are a subsidiary of American Computer Optics, Inc, family owned and operated, at Irvine, CA, for over 30 years. Port windows are a specialized and often overlooked part of digital projection in both old and new theaters. Reel-to-reel film projectors did not require advanced optical technology for the port window. With the introduction of digital projectors, that became a necessity. The leading studios and major chains through out the world have chosen Opticlear as their standard. We have supplied over ¾ of the worlds cinemas. Our pricing, availability, customization & service all contribute to a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

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